Celebrating Over a Century of Service in the Ojai Valley  •  Since 1911

L o c a t e d  a t  4 4 1  E a s t  O j a i  A v e n u e  •  O j a i ,  C a l i f o r n i a

P.O. Box 442 Ojai, CA 93024-0442

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Becky Beckett

Membership Chair:

Christine Fenn

Mailing Address:
Ojai Valley Woman's Club
PO Box 442
Ojai, CA 93024


2022 2023 Elected Officers:

President: Becky Beckett

1st Vice President: Cathi Nye

2nd Vice President:
Judie Beckett

3rd Vice President: Kathy Smith

Treasurer: Carina Solecki

Recording Secretary:
Diane Grossman

Correspondence Secretary: Lois Stewart

Membership: Christine Fenn

Federation Representative: Connie Biggers


Appointed Officers:

Building and Rental Liaison:
Ginny Rockefeller

Grounds: Judy Murphy

Parliamentarian: Joanne Caldwell


Standing Committees:

Newsletter Editor: Joy Edwards-Beckett

Donna Lloyd, Judy Murphy


Working Committees:

Reading Group/ESO book club:
Ellen Ansok

Student Art Coordinator: Joanne Caldwell

Webmaster: Donna and Robert Lloyd

White Candle Ceremony:
Joanne Caldwell



Member of the GFWC (General Federation of Women's Clubs, Int'l),
CFWC (California Federation of Women's Clubs), and
TAD (Tierra Adorada District #14 Women's Clubs)

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